Major i-heal Enhancements for Physicians

Healogics has formed a review committee, including Dr. Zendehrouh, Dr. Johnson, Dr. Wise, and Dr. Pons, that is working with a multi-disciplinary team to address some of your most pressing issues. Below is what Healogics is working to address:

  • Updated MU/MIPS certification
  • Improved physician workflow
  • Simplified MIPS capabilities
  • Improved functionality to support compliance and support billing
  • Enhanced system performance to reduce slowdowns and outages
  • Greater advanced modality support
  • Hard stops and warnings supporting appropriate documentation

Healogics also doubled resources to focus on system performance and maintenance to address the system slowdowns and outages. We will be working on project planning and definitions through the end of Q2 and will be initiating physician-specific enhancements throughout Q3 and Q4.